Saturday, December 20, 2008

A gift for me

We’re up against the wall. Time’s up. Christmas is in 5 days. You’re probably beating your head against the wall, hiding at your desk, reading and trying to forget all you need to do. What if you didn’t do it at all? Do you really need MORE cookies, more decorations?

The neighbors likely think I’m an agnostic. There are no decorations visible outside. Right now, things look a little bleak inside, too. But I choose sanity. The box of decorations will only be opened long enough for me to pull out a garland. I’m going to drape it around one of the large houseplants so there’s a place to put presents on Thurs. Otherwise, I’m not going to spend hours decorating or shopping just to be an emotional wreck by the end of the week. I sat down in a quiet corner with a cup of tea and asked myself what I really, really wanted. The answer came from the piles, stacks and boxes. I want SPACE. I want rid of this clutter! It’s been proven that clutter in our homes causes clutter in our spirits. I took a box, faced my bookshelf and picked out a bunch of books I haven’t read in ages and set them in the garage. Then I opened the cupboard in the laundry room and picked out some baking pans I haven’t used in years and some serving platters that take up a bunch of room. I boxed them up. I’m on a roll! I’ll put some of the items on FreeCycle and some will go straight to ARC. Along the way, I’ve identified some stuff that’s just plain junk that I have no need or use for. Next I’m hitting my bedroom closet.

The space on the shelves will quickly be backfilled by stuff that’s been sitting out, cluttering my life but that’s OK. I got what I wanted. Space. The piles of books on the floor will have a home. I’ll have bare carpet again. I can already feel the wide open spaces, the breathing room.

Consider doing yourself, and maybe someone, else a favor. Find some stuff you can live without and give it away. Make yourself some breathing room. There are enough cookies. By January 2nd, I won’t have to take down and put away all the stuff I worked to put up. I’ll have some peace; peace and joy.

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